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toyota camry
Toyota Camry
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What is OEM?

OEM is short for Original Equipment Manufacturer. That means the manufacturer of the original product or accessory.

It does not mean the maker of your car - which can confuse a lot of people. Here is an example of how OEM works:

If you buy a Toyota and it comes with GoodYear tires then GoodYear is the OEM of the tires even though it is a Toyota vehicle. Toyota did not make the tires.

That makes sense and tires are an easy example because the tires say 'GoodYear' on the side. What makes OEM more challenging is that auto makers have massive supply chains, various parts are coming from different countries, and every little part (unlike tires) does not have the actual manufacturer stamped on it.

For paint a car maker may publish specifications - such as 1 part actual red and 1 part actual blue to get purple - (the "actual" reference would be a standard color specification so the exact color is known and can be faithfully reproduced over various runs, over several years, in a hundred countries around the world, by different providers.)

Bottom line: if you want Toyota "OEM" paint you can get paint that says "Toyota" on the label. Or, you can get OEM certified or standard paint with the label of another company that guarantees the color specification. Either way, it is the same paint.

In other words, when a dealer or repair shop repaints a portion of your vehicle after bodywork is done, they may be using "OEM" paint even if the label on the paint refers to a company other than your vehicle seller.

What do I need to get touch up paint?

There are three items you should know:
1. The year of your vehicle

2. The model of your vehicle (example: Camry is a model name of certain Toyota cars)

3. The color code for your paint color

Where do I find the color code?

Your vehicle will have a label which has your color code.

Here is a sample label from a Chevy Camaro:

For this Chevrolet the "BC/CC" refer to Base Coat / Clear Coat and the "U" refers to the Upper Body of the car. The "8774" is the matching color code.

The information on your label, your paint code, and where this label is found in your vehicle varies depending on the manufacturer, model, and year of your car.

Some car manufacturers are very good at only putting this label one place. Most commonly on the inside of the driver side door.

But for some car manufacturers this can be an adventure as the placement of the label varies each year and per car model.

If you need help finding your label, here is more information for each major vehicle manufacturer, showing a sample label, showing you where the label can be found, and showing you where the color codes can be found:
















Land Rover




















Where to Buy OEM Touch Up Paint

There are 4 primary places to buy OEM auto touch up paint. Two are private label and two have manufacturing labels.

Private Label OEM Auto Paint Providers

Automotive Touchup

Automotive Touchup by Microfinish, LLC, is headquartered in New Orleans. This company is our leading recommended seller of OEM auto touch up paint.

Automotive Touchup has more than 100,000 OEM based colors it uses to created hundreds of thousands more custom colors to exact color match vehicle.

This is only company we have found that has the capability of match faded car paint. If the area you need re-touched is sun faded then getting the original bright paint color of your vehicle may not do you a lot of good.

We have comparison shopped found Automotive Touchup's pricing to be better than other alternatives.

Automotive Touchup has said their paint is OEM certified and they guarantee a color match. The paint is sold under the Automotive Touchup brand label.

Here are direct links to specific car brands where you can order the Automotive Touchup paint:
Acura OEM Touch Up Paint

Audi OEM Touch Up Paint

BMW OEM Touch Up Paint

Buick OEM Touch Up Paint

Cadillac OEM Touch Up Paint

Chevrolet OEM Touch Up Paint

Chrysler OEM Touch Up Paint

Dodge OEM Touch Up Paint

Fiat OEM Touch Up Paint

Ford OEM Touch Up Paint

GMC OEM Touch Up Paint

Honda OEM Touch Up Paint

Hyundai OEM Touch Up Paint

Infiniti OEM Touch Up Paint

Jeep OEM Touch Up Paint

Kia OEM Touch Up Paint

Land Rover OEM Touch Up Paint

Lexus OEM Touch Up Paint

Lincoln OEM Touch Up Paint

Mazda OEM Touch Up Paint

Mercedes-Benz OEM Touch Up Paint

Mercury OEM Touch Up Paint

Mitsubishi OEM Touch Up Paint

Nissan OEM Touch Up Paint

Oldsmobile OEM Touch Up Paint

Plymouth OEM Touch Up Paint

Pontiac OEM Touch Up Paint

Porsche OEM Touch Up Paint

Saab OEM Touch Up Paint

Saturn OEM Touch Up Paint

Scion OEM Touch Up Paint

Subaru OEM Touch Up Paint

Suzuki OEM Touch Up Paint

Toyota OEM Touch Up Paint

Volkswagen OEM Touch Up Paint

Volvo OEM Touch Up Paint

Paint Scratch

The second major auto paint provider is PaintScratch by Bio Pac. This business hails from Nevada. PaintScratch also has over 100,000 different paint colors in its inventory.

PaintScratch also guarantees their paint and color matching for your vehicle. The OEM paint is sold under the private PaintScratch brand label.

Car Dealerships

The third method, which is probably the most inconvenient and expensive, is to visit a dealership and see what they have in stock.

We have online shopped numerous dealer and manufacturer websites and touch up paint can be exceedingly difficult to find. We have also seen outrageous price gouging, such as over $20 to ship a little bottle via the US postal service. That is probably why you are reading this website.

This will, however, get you OEM paint with the manufacturer's label on it if that is necessary for you. For some people seeing that assurance is important.

Websites with Manufacturer's Labeled OEM Touch Up Paint

The fourth and final method is to order touch up paint online that has the manufacturer's label. This is hit and miss (mostly a miss) for many vehicles.

Not only is this paint hard to find, but the lack of support in ordering other materials and paint you may need, such as basepaint, is atrocious. Even worse, you will not get any support in touching up your car. Selling cars is their business and their specialty is not helping people touch up their cars on a daily basis.

Listed below are websites where manufacturer's labeled OEM paint can be ordered:

Ford - Ford Motor Company sells paint under its Motorcraft brand name. Some, but not all Motocraft paint is available from Ford on Amazon. Unfortunately, at this time selection is extremely limited. The last time we checked only ten colors were listed. These were small tubes only and will not be appropriate for all paint jobs.

Hyundai - This Hyundai dealership in Massachusetts has Hyundai paint pens for sale online. Be warned - shipping is expensive.

Lincoln - Lincon vehicles paint is offered in very limited supply on Amazon by Ford.

Mercedes-Benz - Some Mercedes-Benz dealerships have limited touch up paint colors listed on Amazon. Only a few colors are available which gives the appearance that some dealers may pushing old, unsold paint stock. These are only small paint tubes not sufficient for every paint job.

What is the Best OEM Paint?

Make it easy on yourself and get a guaranteed color match. Go with this company:

Automotive Touchup

The best OEM paint is the one that makes your car or truck look new again. It covers the chips and scratches and it is not noticeable that repair work was done. After evaluating numerous factors, including:
- Guarantee

- Product Quality

- Pricing

- Product Range

- Manufacturing Capabilities

- Number of Customers Served

- Time in Business

This is our top recommendation. You should, however, not go wrong with choosing any company listed on this site.

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